A Toronto Condo Now Costs What A Single- ..

If you're a homebuyer looking to crack into the Greater Toronto Area market, this story will make you wish you were born six years earlier. That's because as recently as six-and-half years ago, you could have bought an average detached home for the same amount of money an average condo goes for these days.

CMHC moves to make it easier for self em ..

People who work for themselves often hampered in mortgage market because income is variable, unpredictable. Self-employed Canadians seeking to buy a home may soon find it easier to secure a mortgage after changes announced by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

10 Most Expensive Home In Ontario

If you are—and you happen to be fabulously wealthy—you might be happy to know that 10 very expensive homes are waiting for brand new owners to call them their own.

Stress tests disqualifying 18 per cent o ..

Tougher mortgage qualification rules are “unduly suppressing” home sales in Canada by disqualifying 18 per cent of buyers who cannot pass the stress test despite being able to afford their preferred home, a new report concludes.

Over 1 In 10 Canadians That Bought Real ..

Looks like mortgage stress testing came just in time for Canadian real estate buyers. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) numbers via Equifax show more borrowers turned to huge mortgages in Q4 2018. The share of large mortgages far outgrew the pace of more modestly sized ones across the country.

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