Don't Blame Real Estate Investors For Re ..

Unlike owner-occupied housing, our understanding of rental housing is inadequate at best. Even basic information on the rental market, such as by the type and size of housing and across neighbourhoods, is not readily available. This leaves landlords, investors, and renters make do with incomplete and, at times, dated information.

Toronto home prices finally inch up in J ..

There are signs the needle has finally moved in a positive direction on the region’s sagging real estate market.

Why some homeowners will pay more than e ..

New accounting rules adopted by the banks mean they’re paying closer attention than ever before to your financial situation and your home’s value when you renew a mortgage.

How investing in real estate can easily ..

For many high-net-worth individuals, investing in real estate – whether commercial or residential – seems like a sure bet, particularly after years of double-digit price increases in hot markets such as Toronto and Vancouver.

Variable vs. fixed: A direct comparison ..

“Higher interest rates will be warranted.” The Bank of Canada has said that exact phrase for months. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the important thing is that the Bank of Canada believes it … and the market believes it.

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