Pooling Funds Can Deliver Startling Real ..

Vehicles like investment syndicates and limited partnerships have delivered substantial real estate yields to participants, with minimum buy-ins from $25,000

Canada’s Riskiest Real Estate Buyers Are ..

Think stress tests are a bad thing? You clearly have no idea who it’s stopping from buying. Bank of Canada (BoC) numbers show stress tests may have stopped a large number of borrowers from getting in over their head. Almost immediately after stress tests were implemented in both high and low ratio mortgages, the market saw a dramatic decline of borrowers buying “too much” house.

Credit market U-turn: As bond yields ret ..

Just five weeks ago, economists were on TV heralding a July rate hike as interest rates rocketed to seven-year highs. Then the market changed the channel.

Doug Ford Year One: A Guide To What's Ha ..

On June 29, Doug Ford was officially sworn in as premier of Ontario after the Progressive Conservatives, riding a wave of populist anger at Kathleen Wynne’s government, wiped out the Liberals in the provincial election. He has promised radical changes to government spending, climate-change policy, hydro rates, education and more – but it’s still unclear how he will pay for it all.

Credit Delinquency Rates Forecasted To R ..

Credit delinquency rates for Canadians fell in Q1 2018, but slowing credit growth and interest rate hikes are likely to stop that trend, says Equifax Canada.

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