Canadian Mortgages Held By Foreigners On ..

Foreigners living in Canada have boosted their share of the country's mortgages in the last 2 years, particularly in Vancouver & Toronto, as young home buyers are bankrolled by their parents overseas, the federal housing agency said

Four Things To Know Before Buying Real E ..

Despite recent swings in cryptocurrencies, real estate listings asking for bitcoin instead of traditional currencies have popped up across North America in recent months.

How Credit Scores Are Calculated

Credit scores are intended to help financial risk managers and others make fair decisions on whether or not to “take a risk” on someone. The risk might involve giving that person a loan (will they repay it?), offering a credit card (will they make the payments?) or approving their apartment rental application (will they pay their rent?). Credit scores are designed to predict the likelihood that in ..

Mortgage Stress Test Is Going To Cause M ..

Canadian home sales have been falling on a year-over-year basis ever since a new mortgage stress test was implemented in January. And while many industry watchers had predicted the market would start to recover in spring, one economist says things may stay cool for awhile longer.

IMF Warns that Canadian Real Estate is a ..

Canadian real estate prices are one of the biggest risks to the country, according to a big three letter organization. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global organization dedicated to sustainable growth, released a statement after an official “mission” to Canada.

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